American Art Collector – May, 2015
Peregrine Heathcote will exhibit in the show The World is Ever Near at The Falcon Gallery. Among his paintings are Let Your Dreams Set Sail...and Where the Wind Blows. In the latter, “The gentleman is about to get a fix on position with the compass, a vintage one given to me at Christmas by my el[more]
Vintage Video
Peregrine Heathcote teamed up with Videographer Dagmar Scheibenreif to re-create a video story similar to the ones seen in Heathcote's paintings. Themes of a chance meeting, blossoming romance, travel are all peppered with visual references to existing Heathcote paintings, they appear on magazin[more]
Springtime in the studio.
          Travel inspiration with the study of a rather handsome globe. Blank canvases stacked against the wall awaiting their stories. Brushes and an empty pallet awaiting the pigments...the 'yellow' drawer open. The studio holds the promise of new worlds[more]
Happy Birthday The Falcon Gallery!
Watching, waiting from up high. Scanning the stars, the seas and skies. Ready to launch, reveal its splendour. What surprises are in store? What beautiful surprises.[more]