Commissioning a Picture

If you would like to commission Peregrine to paint a personal picture for you, please get in touch with us or email us with your ideas and requirements: Look at Peregrine’s work and let us know of any images or compositions you particularly like as well as what size you are thinking of. If you do want to include a particular personal detail, such as a person, prop, car or plane, or a particular colour, building view or place it is very helpful if you can, send photos of these images too, so that Peregrine can get a good idea of what you are visualising.

Then come and meet Peregrine to discuss the painting. Or if you are not in the UK you can telephone, Skype and email Peregrine directly to discuss the commission further.

Once a composition, size, price and time-frame are agreed, a deposit is required to secure the commission with the remaining amount to be paid on completion of the painting. Paintings can be crated and shipped globally.


If you would like to discuss a Commission further do call: 00 44 (0)….